UPDATE: EM3 was originally intended to be a pre-rendered RPG, however since we've been learning Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) we've decided to make EM3 3D. We're excited, to start fleshing out our levels in UE4, so maybe we'll post some progress shots in the future. So don't fret we're still working on this beast.

Our goal for Endless Mark III (EM3) is to create a role playing game JRPG fans will enjoy. EM3 is a turn based combat similar to that in traditional Japanese role playing games. EM3 has a robust story chronicling over 18 main characters that are all playable! All of the characters are separated into three main parties with three main party leaders: Ethreal, Julius and Clarity thus allowing three different perspectives on the main storyline but still sharing the same main antagonist. As you play through one of their stories your decisions in game then carry over to the next party's game. Once you have finished the game with one party leader the second and third parties are affected by the choices you have made in your first play-through. Party members are swappable in game so you can pick and choose who is in what party at what time of the game allowing you to find the best possible team for you're party leader. Some party members will boost your damage when together in a team and others may decrease your overall damage so choose wisely and try to figure out the character relationships before it costs you your game.

We have a very massive RPG planned so keep checking our progress through our updates and we will do our best to get Endless Mark III out to you as soon as we can! Thank you for the support everyone!



04/19/14 - EM3 has been on hiatus since early this year.  Since taking time off the game we decided we're going to go 3D and use UE4 as our game engine. We're excited. :)

07/29/13 - We're sorry for the lack of updates, but we're still going strong on EM3! We've posted the Revised Version of James's concept art! Lujon is the next character we will be posting, he'll be here soon!

01/26/13 - Trisha's concept artwork is posted in the Characters Page.  In October we were invited back on the AFK Podcast! Show #33 make sure to check it out, we just gave a little update on how things were going.

10/15/12 - Darien's concept artwork is posted! Trisha is up next and will be posted soon. We updated our Staff Page as we've got a new concept artist that has joined the team! More updates to come!

09/14/12 - We're sorry again for the lack of updates, very soon we will be posting concept artwork for EM3 again! Back stories will be updated and more will be released soon as well!

07/14/12 - Sorry we have not had anything to show on the site lately. Our main focus right now is working on the mechanics of EM3. However, we have added Gunther's Back Story to hold you over.

05/28/12 - Team EM3 was on the AFK Podcast talking about EM3, we're show #14 check it out! Huge thanks to the guys on AFK Podcast for having us on, they were wonderful! Behind the site news: We've completed our leveling system for EM3! It's called "The Core" we'll have more updates for that later.

04/29/12 - We've posted a new picture of Chaos Lee's 3D model on the 3D Art Page!

04/24/12 - We've updated a few more pages! Behind the site news: Our Co-writer and I are working on all of the party member's relationships to beef up the side quests and effects in the battle system! More updates coming soon!

04/14/12 - We've updated many pages and have put up new concept artwork!

02/29/12 - We updated the Art Page to make room for the new 3D Page! Check out Ethreal's and Chaos Lee's 3D model!

01/04/12 - Sacred Grounds "Julius" is finished! We're hoping soon to also post some pictures of our first finished 3D character Ethreal! Check back with us soon!

11/25/11 - We've updated the Enemies Page and a few other pages.

10/31/11 - Sacred Grounds "Clarity" is finished!

10/01/11 - We have updated our Art page, it navigates a little differently now, check it out. Also make sure to check out our newly uploaded environments!

08/26/11 - Chaos Lee's finished concept art has been posted! Renee's High Res concept art has been posted!

08/01/11 - Chaos Lee's first sketch has been posted in the Art Page!

07/20/11 - Renee's finished concept artwork has been posted!

07/05/11 - Staff page updated!

07/04/11 - The concept artwork for the Experimental Dragon is posted! It's a first look at what one of the many mini bosses may look like!

06/27/11 - Royce's High Res concept artwork has been posted!

06/17/11 - Royce's final concept artwork has been posted in the Art Page! An Experimental Dragon is the first monster in our Class B monster category, the first sketch has been post! Ethreal and Julius's 3D model is underway! More Updates coming very soon!

06/01/11 - Royce's first sketch is posted in the Art Page!

04/27/11 - Trisha and Chaos Lee's character pages are up!

04/25/11 - Monica's finished concept artwork is posted! Our 2D artist is going to be working on Royce next be on the look out for his first sketch soon!

04/14/11 - Monica's first sketch is posted in the Art Page!

04/13/11 - Our 2D artist is working on Monica's illustration! We'll be posting her first sketch hopefully later today!

04/02/11 - Gunther's character page is up, his final concept art is also posted on the Art Page!

03/16/11 - Gunther's first sketch is posted up on the Art Page!

03/14/11 - Our Staff Page has been updated.  2D Concept artist is currently working on Gunther.

03/06/11 - Anya's finished concept art is posted!

02/27/11 - Almost all of the character's bios and back stories have been updated. We'll also be updating a few images around the site later today.

02/22/11 - Lujon's Back Story has been posted.

02/18/11 - Clarity's and Julius's concept art have been revisioned. 2D Artist is currently working on Anya.
More updates coming soon!

02/10/11 - Looking for a programmer, must have C/C++ knowledge. Contact us if you're interested.

02/10/11 - Our first Environment concept art is complete! Anya's first sketch has also just been posted! (See Art Page)

02/09/11 - Every Character in the Character's page now has a High Resolution picture available when you click on their picture on their individual page. Our 2D artist is almost done with our first environment concept art!

02/07/11 - Ethreal's finished concept art is posted! Our 2D artist is currently working on our first Environment! 3D artist is still hard at work on Julius.

02/03/11 - Our Staff page has been updated!

01/26/11 - Ethreal's first sketch is up on the Art page

01/25/11 - Our concept artist is currently working on

01/24/11 - We've added an Enemies Page, with different enemy classes! Our first monster is posted!

01/20/11 - Concept artist finished our first monster. (We may post it in the future, be on the look out.)

01/12/11 - Concept artist is currently working on our first monster design, and our 3D artist is still working on our first 3D character.

01/11/11 - Stella's concept art is finished!

01/08/11 - Julius will be a 3D character soon! Our 3D artist is currently working on him! Our 2D concept artist is still hard at work on Stella's final design!

01/07/11 - Stella's first sketch is up on the
Art page.

01/05/11 - Julius's page has been updated.
We're currently working on monster creation and preparing for 3D modeling.

12/17/10 - Lars and Stella's page is up.

12/16/10 - Monica, Ethreal and Darien's character pages are up.

12/13/10 - Concept artist finished James.

12/07/10 - Concept artist is about to start working on James. We've added a FAQ page and Staff page!

11/23/10 - Working on game mechanics tonight.

11/20/10 - Jocelyn's back story is up.

11/19/10 - Concept artist finished Jocelyn's concept art! I'll be updating the characters page tonight with back story on Jocelyn.

11/18/10 - About The Creator Page is finally up! Videos Page is up and running as well, we have a video of the concept artist's photoshop layers for the character Warren being put together, check it out!

11/16/10 - All navigation on the site has been updated, along with all the pages.
Clarity's back story is up now!

11/15/10 - Concept artist finished "Warren", he's now currently working on "Jocelyn"! We've also updated the Art Page.

11/08/10 - Characters page updated.

11/07/10 - Concept artist is working on the character "Warren" currently, also updated the Art page.

10/28/10 - Updated Characters page, added back story to Julius & Warren.

10/27/10 - Updated Characters page, Features page & Contact page. Will be updating more soon!

10/26/10 - Website development under way! Check back soon for more information on ENDLESS MARK III, a new Role Playing game that is in development.